Thursday, February 5, 2009


I know this is a controversial topic but it is my blog so I will write my views :) I am appalled at this months Glamour magazine and the way they make abortion out to be the next best thing to a condom. Seriously all of these women are telling their stories of their abortion experience and how they don't regret them and made the best decision.. some of them having more than one! I just don't understand how anyone, least of all a mother can think that it is okay to kill a baby. People using abortion as a way to correct a mistake.. how can a baby ever be a mistake? I have such strong views on this and there are so many people out there that would gladly take your baby if you can't raise it.. I don't understand how killing it is an option. I want to just go to an abortion clinic and slap those women and tell them how lucky and how selfish they are. I would have been ecstatic to get pregnant and now just as ecstatic to take that unwanted baby from them. I thank god that my boys birth mothers at least had enough sense not to kill them. They were by no means able to raise children but had they not made these beautiful boys, I would not have the joy and the honor of being their mother. It is a really sad time when murdering babies is being glorified in our society.