Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funny things kids say:

My kids are just hallarious. I have to share a few things that Kari has said in the last week or so.

The other day we were sitting on the couch watching TV. Xavier was sitting by me and Kari next to him. Xavier started squirming and says "Ugh, moooommy, he's trying to put a booger on me!" Then Kari gets very defensive and Said "No I'm not! I just ate it already!" So I was like "Kari we don't eat boogers, that is disgusting. He says "Oh yes I do." *GAG* Disgusting but so funny!

Yesterday, Parker's tad pole died. So the kids watched me flush him down the toilet. A few hours later we sat down to have lunch and while I was serving their plates, Kari tells me "Hey mom, I don't think we need Xavier anymore. Lets just flush him down the toilet!"

I thought it was so funny that he was actually trying to be funny. A lot of times I catch them saying things and they don't realize that it is funny, like the booger thing. But he was saying this to pick at Xavier. There are so many other times they have just cracked me up that I have forgotten so I will start jotting them down in my blog and hope they make you smile as well!

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