Monday, June 15, 2009

The twins are FIVE!!!

Where does the time go??? Seems like only yesterday they brought these beautiful newborn babies into our home and hearts... And yet when I look at the journey we have taken to get to this point it seems like an eternity! Words will never express how greatful and how lucky I am to be their momma.

They are getting SO big! Bari is so persistant... in good ways and in bad. He knows what buttons to press and just how to annoy every person in this house. LOL He also is so determined to master everything he tries. He is great with the video games, likes to color and really tries to stay in the lines, he still hasnt gotten it yet but he tries and tries to ride that bike with no training wheels. He doesn't want help. He has always been the kind of child that has to figure things out on his own. He is still very moody and the two faces of Bari are still very evident, however his tantrums are a lot less. He thrives on attention and loves to be praised. I don't think I have or ever will be as proud as I am of the progress my little boy has made... to think of the condition he was in just 3 years ago and to see the child he has become is just amazing.

Kari is a such a clown. He is always making jokes and teasing. He LOVES to make people laugh. He has mastered the art of flipping his eyelids and loves to show everyone *cringe*. He is just a FUNNY kid, even when he is not trying. He is also so so so sassy!!! He always has the last word, grunt, glare... He is such a smart child. His comprehension is unbelievable. When I can't get his brothers to understand what i am talking about he always seems to get it and explains it on their level. LOL He is my teddy bear. He loves his hugs and kisses and hugs. Kari is always complimenting me.. such a little flirt. Kari also shadows his Daddy. He wants to do everything just like him. He has to eat whatever his daddy is eating.. even the hot sauce.

My heart just overflows with the love I have for my little boys. Even on the most trying of days, I never forget how blessed I am to be their mommy. I thank God every single day for leading me down the right path to find my babies!

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  1. This is such a sweet post, Heather! :) Happy Birthday to those little guys. :)