Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39 (2/8)

Today Bari was being very "special." That is my nice way of saying he screamed and threw tantrums from the second we walked through the door. He had a fit to do his homework and then screamed he was sorry for 40 minutes because i told him to go take a bath... apparently he thinks bathtime is a punishment! Bari has a way of testing me like you would not believe. After he finally took his bath and chilled out he came downstairs for supper in a much better mood.

I decided for my 365 instead of focusing my day on the bad to document the one cute thing he did this evening :) Daddy cooked us meatball stew and corn on the cob. Bari pigged out and when he was finished showed me his belly and said he was sooo full he was having a baby in his belly.... his teacher is on maternity leave ;)


  1. LOL!! he'd make cute babies :)

  2. haha, I agree with Adele! My little boys are driving me CRAZY as we speak!