Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43 (2/12)

Soo I am cheating in a way because the photo of parker was taken yesterday but the other 3 were today!

Parker's little girlfriend Scarlett is in the class next door to his.. she walked over and gave him a special heart sucker.. his teacher made sure to tell me that she did not get this for anyone else in her class... they tell everyone that they are going to marry each other ♥

Today I went to school for Kari, Bari and Xa's Valentine's parties and I feel bad that I have to split myself in three.. I spend the whole time running between classes because I want to be there for all 3 of them. It has always been very important to me that I am there for as many school functions as I can be and I was reminded why today. A little girl in Bari's class was crying her eyes out because her Mommy didn't come see her at school and she never gets to see her Mommy in the morning before school... it just broke my heart... I literally had to walk away while the teacher handled it... I know some Mom's have to work and can't take off but I am just soooo thankful that I am not one of them! I even got to read a story to Bari's class! ♥


  1. I bet your boys have all the girls after them! No wonder - they are just gorgeous! Every one of them! Lovely montage x

  2. i feel that same way girl. we are so lucky our hubbies support us being accessible to our kids!