Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 (2/21)

Thank you husband for buying my children these hideous shoes!!! Bari and Parker just had to have the police light up sketchers.. I must say if hubby had not been there, my kids would have left crying but momma would have loved their shoes! They are lucky to have him. He will give them anything they want.. I told them their shoes were "fonky"(tacky) and now they are telling everyone... and I do mean EVERYONE, including the waitor at Chili Beans(chili's), that they have new ponky shoes. They think it is something good! LOL As much as I hate these shoes, I am happy my hubby made me get them for my kids... bc they are extremely happy with them! I guess this is one fight I am glad I lost... sort of!


  1. I'm dreading the day when my kids start deciding what they want (or NEED) to wear! It's a tough world out there :(

  2. Haha! I almost died when Amaya came home with some light up shoes my MIL bought her when she was about 2 (which btw, is the age she started deciding what she NEEDS to wear!) Seriously...the soles on them were so thick, they had Disney princesses on them and had big ribbons for shoe laces....GAWDY!! These aren't nearly as bad and now the boys and their ponky shoes are happy and that's what matters :)

  3. they aren't that bad! we have CARS shoes ... and I swore my kids would NEVER wear character stuff. yeah, that lasted all of five minutes!