Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5, Day 5

Today was the boys' last day of Christmas break and I had soooo much to do.. unpacking and cleaning from our week in La but instead we did NOTHING. It was nice. The boys played all day. This is Xavier and Parker playing football with a pair of Daddy's socks. Yes, that is my sixty pound Xavier tackling thirty pound Parker. The boys have been playing tackle since they could crawl. It will be interesting to see them start FLAG football next fall.... I have a feeling my boys will be in lots of trouble, but they are rough and tough and I wouldn't want my boys any other way!


  1. Oh, BOYS! Hahaha! I hope Ben has a brother one day!

  2. I love this picture - great action shot! and you just know they will look back and have fun laughing at that when they are older!