Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 58 (2/27)

We spent this Saturday shopping with the boys and then I went to the movies with my friend Johanna. We saw Brother's and it was a really good movie.. I love the movies and am so lucky to have found such a great movie date! When I got home this is how I found my dear husband.. lying on the couch watching non other than southpark on his laptop! I realized that I did not get a picture all day so he once again is my subject.

I am really starting to slack on my 365.. forgetting til the last minute to take pictures and not being as creative as I intended to be.. but since the semester started I am so busy.. but determined to see this thing through... I will try to be better! :)


  1. When we look back on this at the end of the year we won't care that some of our photos are below par, we'll just be happy that we've captured a year in our lives! keep it up!!

  2. This is a much bigger job than I dreamed it would be! Good job for staying on track! I am working on catching up today! We need to have an MNO for us participating once every couple months or so to keep the momentum up!