Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 (3/11)

My little man has been having more problems with his ears. His hearing seems to be getting worse and he is constantly crying that his left ear hurts. His specialist at TX children's would not put tubes in his ears bc it is his bad ear that had the fluid and it wouldnt improve his hearing anyway.... soooo I got another opinion and I MUCH rather his new doctor. Right away she suggested tubes and after hearing my baby cry throughout the night with his hurt ears for the last month I am happy we did it. Even if it doesn't improve his hearing, I don't want my baby in pain. He was such a trooper. All of the nurses and even the anesthesiologist(sp?) fell in love with him. He walked off to his surgery like such a big boy, not scared at all. The doctor said his left ear was really really bad.. it was already draining by the time he got to recovery. So heres to my little man feeling better and hopefully hearing better as well!


  1. Oh Heather, he is so cute!! I will keep him in my prayers that he will heal completely!

  2. poor brave soul! Such a heartache to hear him in pain! Hope these tubes help ease the pain fo him and maybe help his hearing too.