Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 69 (3/10)

I meant to take a picture of Daddy and his boys before they left and forgot so I rushed and snapped one of the boys in the van! Daddy and the boys had a guys night. he took them watch his old college team, The Colonals play in the tournament in Katy. They were told they could only go if they had good days at school and don't you know Xa and kari come home with bad days. We let them believe they werent going until after Bari and Parker were already in the van and then caved... we are such saps! I don't care.. I would feel worse if I made them really miss it! They had such a GREAT time. They came home still yelling GO TURNALS!!!! Parker was quite upset that they lost but they all enjoyed their night out with Daddy!


  1. He's such a great guy taking all 4 kids! I would be scared to death! :)